Faucetto CurvaPay faucet

What is a faucet?

A faucet (e.g. bitcoin faucet, crypto faucet) is a website that pays small amounts of money/cryptocurrency in exchange for visiting it or solving simple tasks. You are currently visiting one of such websites, which pays USD for visiting it.

By using this website you may receive 0.0010 USD each time. You can claim free money once per 5 minutes (up to 10 times per day). All payments are made to CurvaPay microwallet, from which you can withdraw to crypto or other payment systems.

Referral program

Promote https://faucetto.xyz/?cp=xxx (where xxx is your CurvaPay account number) to get 20% referral commission.

Recent payments

To accountAmountWhenType
147592$0.000224 minutes agoref. commission
436079$0.001024 minutes agoclaim
2077755$0.001027 minutes agoclaim
1473490$0.001034 minutes agoclaim
2677795$0.00101 hours agoclaim
49092$0.00101 hours agoclaim
2677795$0.00101 hours agoclaim
38036$0.00101 hours agoclaim
49092$0.00101 hours agoclaim
38036$0.00101 hours agoclaim
147592$0.00021 hours agoref. commission
1186717$0.00101 hours agoclaim

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